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Track of the week: Rihanna - Hate that I love you


This is one of my all-time favorite love track, one that I can loop it for the whole day, everyday.


Love it because it's R&B + I love the beats & music of this song + the lovely lyrics telling the story of a pair of sweet couple.

This will be a MUST-HAVE on my (future) wedding soundtrack. :D:D:D


Original version: Feturing Ne-Yo (Lyrics)



Spanglish version (Featuring David Bisbal)

Youtube video


Found this version instead during KTV session and I was mumbling through the spanish parts. Looks like I have a new mission - to master the spanish parts!


Canto version (Featuring 張敬軒) (Lyrics)


Not sure if this is in KTV. I'll be searching for this the next time I K! :D


Acoustic version - by Boyce Avenue

(AN: The best acoustive version I've heard! Check out their youtube channel too! They've got a whole list of really nice acoustic versions of many songs.)





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