昨日西风凋碧树,独自高楼,望尽天涯路。 衣带渐宽终不悔,为伊消得人憔悴。 众里寻他千百度,蓦然回首,那人却在灯火阑珊处。 -王国维《人间词语》

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Sneaking in while I am uploading the last batch of Macau photos in Facebook. Can't ignore the nagging thoughts of blogging.


Finally. Isshin appears.


This is the predicted storyline that many of us had 3 years ago (or was it 4?) while I was in the Bleach forum. Bleach has been in its lowest form for the past few weeks that even one of its biggest fans - me - was beginning to get bored.


But I just had to wait for it.


It's typical that a long streak of mundane chapters is just an installment to a bigger revelation. A few months back (I can't remember whom I was talking to), I was saying that I am just waiting for all the Shinigamis to die, Ichigo will lose after fighting Aizen, and Isshin (along with the daddy gang - Ryuuken, Urahara & Yoruichi) will save the day.

I am proud of myself for being one of its biggest fan. :D


Isshin a royalty, or more?


That is the theory that stuck ever since the big revelation of Isshin & the royalties. These 2 ideas somehow gelled together. The more Isshin looks like a blokus, the more mysterious he is.

Unless KT (Kubo Tite) decides to introduce a new element, I feel that Isshin & family are likely to be royalties. There is another idea of Isshin being an ex-captain, but I decided to go with the royalty idea cause it will be a bigger oomph since Urahara has stealed the ex-captain plot already.


Well, looking forward to next chapter!

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 My friends know how huge a bleach fannatic I am and this fact still amazes me everyone once in awhile.

I was watching 鋼の錬金術師(Hagane no renkinjutsushi 2009) and this new character call 'Sloth' appeared, shouting "mendokuse, mendokuse".

 My immediate respose was, "Ho.. Zaraki Kenpachi ne."

What follows next was of course a wikipedia check and WALA! - I did it again. It was  indeed Fumihiko Tachiki, Kenpachiの声優 (Seiyuu aka Voice actor). I think this is the 5th or 6th bleach character which I have identified just from within 鋼の錬金術師 itself.

Having watched the Bleach anime series 10 times sure made my brain(ears) a little.. weird I suppose.


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