I was reading a recent article by David Coulthard on Lewis Hamilton is well overdue a change of luck, and this was what I thought was most interesting:


I thought Mark used up all nine of his racing lives with that 190mph upside-down crash in Valencia, but I think he must have tapped into his future reserves of luck on Sunday. Following his collision with Sebastian in Turkey it was the second time this year Mark has escaped with a podium finish while his rival has been forced to retire.


For some who might not have realised, Mark Webber had been unbelievably lucky to have escaped with a podium after surviving that racing incident with Lewis Hamilton.


How lucky?

Quoted from Hirohide Hamashima, chief of motorsport tire development at Bridgestone, (the tire) was just 5 millimeters from slipping off (the rim) after the crash.


Read full article here.




Personally (and so does many others in fact), I believe that luck tends to average out in general and this might just not bode well for Mark Webber in the last 4 (or 3) races. Considering the amount of luck he used in recent races, it might well be time to pay them back.

It has to be a zero-sum game. The luckys and unluckys have to even out some how, and so far, he has been using quite a bit of the 'lucks'.


It is just a hunch.


Either that, or I am simply wanting Fernando Alonso to win the championship too much.


Sorry Mark Webber.

You are my 2nd favorite driver to win the championship, but your best friend sits firmly on my number 1 spot.


Whatever the case is, 2010 is going to be the most exciting season ever.

I am glad that it has turned out this way (in a good way) despite the pre-season gloomy outlook.


12 more days to Suzuka!


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