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Mixed feelings..




I was beginning to feel slightly irritated towards 3/4 of the race, cause there was nothing much going on the track except for a very straight-forward race. Typical of the Spanish GP, where aerodynamics of the car rules the track, unless reliability issues decide to take the car out of the race. The (humbly) exciting bits were perhaps the first lap, the Button-Schumacher chase, and the last few laps when Alonso lucked in from P4 to P2.


So for most parts of the race, I wasn't really watching. Concentrating more on my elder cousin's side commentary of the race, and my younger cousin's hyper-activeness around the house.


So Webber was in the world of his own right from lap 1 and was (quote from Alonso), untouchable. Great job.

On the other end of the world was Vettel. A superb car + bad luck + reliability issues managed him a 4th, showing the supremacy of the RBR machinery despite all odds.

While Vettel had some tough luck, Hamilton had no luck. Strong pace throughout the race (although he seemed to be dropping off a little towards the later part of the race.. not sure if he was conserving his tyres & car though..) and a tyre failure (or so it seems? gotta wait for the report..) at the 2nd last lap of the race.

All of that, contributed to the biggest gainer of the race - Alonso. This felt like Bahrain 2010 all over. Staright-forward race, not much over-taking and positions were in their (teams & drivers) hands to lose. Once again, great qualifying from Alonso at P4 + the perfect clockwork of pitstop by the Ferrari team allowed Alonso & Ferrari to capitalise on the others' problems.

Did luck played a factor for Alonso? Yes.

Sheer luck? No.

Remember that he had to worked his way to P4 (during qualifying) and drove his home race perfectly in order to capitalise on that situation.

Despite a boring race, I was grinning through the last few laps of the race till post-race conference. Hehe. =D


So who was my driver of the day?



So a change in chasis did serve the better for him.

Out-qualified Rosberg for the first time this season (although Rosberg seemed to be having problems with the car), fending of Button for 3/4 of the race, and eventually taking P4 at the end of the race. Despite Button's complaint on Schumacher's defence during the race, it was that kind of Schumacher that I had been waiting to see. I am only 2 years into F1 and did not witness the master-craftman skill that of Schumacher. So Youtube videos were the only sources.

The defence-cum-fight might not have been one of the greatest, but it was still enjoyable to watch.


So really, there are too many people out there who thinks they can predict the future. Deeming how his comeback will be a failure, how he is not what he used to be etc etc. These people should perhaps give me some inspiration on lottery instead, if they are so good at predicting the future.


Until history has written itself, we can only move forward bravely. Till then, the future remains an unwritten history.



I have always insist that we should never be too quick to judge, in fact, we should never. Who are we to judge? Most of us mistake 'opinions' with 'judgement', thinking that they were merely voicing their opinion, when they have shoved in a whole chunk of judgemental view into their so called 'opinions'.


Opps. Sorry. Side-tracked. Probably would have lost a good whole laps to the race leaders.




Phenomenal job well done to Webber & RBR!

Awesome work by Alonso & Ferrari!

You did your best Vettel, great drive nevertheless!

Welcome back, Shumacher!


Now.. 6 more days to Monaco GP. Let's go!

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