Great that I am still in this positive mood (duh, for obvious reasons). Hee.

This week begins the period when I wont be returning to work! Taking a breather off work and concentrate full fledge on studies! (or at least I hope)






12 days to Jam Xiao's Singapore concert

13 days to F1 2010 @ Bahrain

18+ days to Macau trip (Macau trip is back!)

66 days to DOOMSDAY

90+ days to (potentially) Taiwan trip




Yesterday marked the end of 2010 F1 winter testing and the (soon-to-be) start of F1 2010!

F1 afficionados would have already know the followings as at 01.03.2010:

  • 4 top favorite team for 2010 WCC - Ferrari, Red Bull, Mclaren, Mercedes
  • 8 top favorite drivers for 2010 WDC - Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel, Schumacher, Massa, Button, Webber, Rosberg
  • Dark horse for 2010 WCC - Sauber
  • 11 teams were present for the last week of winter testing (Previous 10 teams in 2009 + Lotus)
  • Campos Meta & US F1 were missing throughout the testing period. Will they make it to Bahrain? It seems like Campos might be able to drag themselves to the grid but nobody know what's going on with US F1
  • Stefan GP is eyeing that (seemingly) vacant spot of US F1.
  • 4 WDC on grid (I know this is like stating the obvious, but I couldn't resist it)
  • SCHUMACHER! (Nuff said)
  • Nick heidfeld & Giancarlo Fisichella is the reserve driver for Mercedes GP & Ferrari respectively. (A little disappointed but I guess it happens..)
  • Re-fueling ban - A new ball game! (And safer for the drivers. What happened to Kimi last year was too darn scary)
  • No more KERS!
  • Modified qualifying system - Q1: Eliminate 8 cars, Q2: Eliminate another 8 cars, Q3: Top 10 cars run in low-fuel configuration
  • Top 10 qualifiers for the race must start the race with the same tyres used to qualify with
  • No more wheel covers
  • Narrower front tyres
  • New point system! 25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1
  • Only 11 sets of tyres over one race weekend (down from 14 in 2009)

[Compiled by dotdotger @]


Summary compiled only for F1 newbies & my friends. Not like I am an oldie & pro, but I just felt like doing it. =D


Not gonna speculate since everyone else is pretty much saying the same thing.

I'll just state my wish:

Bahrain 2010 Winner - Fernando Alonso

Bahrain 2010 Runner-Up - Felipe Massa

Bahrain 2010 2nd Runner-Up - Mark Webber

Bahrain 2010 Constructor Winner - Ferrari


Well, it's obvious who I am supporting. =D

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