A few days ago, my facebook page was flooded with this viral status message with the cause of an anti-child violence campaign.


It was an interesting sight to watch how the internet viral bug took its place so naturally, gracefully and dead-quickly.

Once again, it had churned out yet another internet phenomenon.


Based on what is (very little) left of my sociology knowledge, I did some research.

Here are some thoughts and questions:


1. Where did the origin started from?

If it were a campaign, I would assume for an existing center core or reference point.

This is also a hotly debated issue in the post event of this viral. I am neither doubting, nor affirming the trueness of it. Because I am unable to research in this, I shall leave it to those who has the ability to before I past any comments on it.

Here is a link which is still under research, if anyone is interested.


2. This internet viral, no matter who/where/what/why/when/how, had served its purpose.

The intended message was spread across the globe in just days, for a good cause.


3. Note the bold+italics+underline in #2? Using the word "spread" instead of "reached".

The intended message here was "anti-child violence" campaign. Changing the facebook profile was an act in recognition for it.

However, based on the (small) pool of friends that I have, I could tell that the act of changing facebook profile interested them more than sending the intended message of "anti-child violence" campaign. After all, most of them were discussing about which cartoon character they loved when they were young and how it made up their world. The part on "anti-child violence" campaign probably appeared only once, in the facebook status. The rest of it was mostly on the cartoon characters.

Surprisingly, after searching online, there were plentiful of 'violent' cartoon characters images posted up as well.

So much so for an "anti-child violence" campaign.


4. Psst. If anyone reading up till here thinks that children are not allowed and do not use facebook, you are so wrong. Just like how the iPhone infected the entire world across all age, gender, culture, social class etc; facebook had done the same too.


5. My view

Changing the facebook profile picture was a cute idea. Message was spread across, but not the seriousness of it. Exactly because of the cuteness of the act, the attention was diverted. Neither was there any backing on this campaign. Not that any backing was a necessity, I just hope that it will not turn into a 15 years ago chain-mail-liked phenomenon, 10 years down the road.


6. Conclusion: Please help reach out the "anti-child violence" message.

Heck with the debate. To hell with the facebook profile pictures. (No offense to those who have changed it, this post if purely targeted on studying this event, and ultimately promoting it.)


Child violence comes in so many forms (link) that, in my opinion, we would never be able to comprehend the depth of torture that they went through unless we had undergone the same.

There are so many ways to play a part.

From family to community to country to other parts of the world.


Care for the child around you. If you have a child next to you (be it yours or another's), put in the extra effort to find out how he/she is doing. Detect for anything amiss.

Community (The out and beyond):

If the ability/circumstances allows, look for possible channels that allows you to help the children in need, at first hand.

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