昨日西风凋碧树,独自高楼,望尽天涯路。 衣带渐宽终不悔,为伊消得人憔悴。 众里寻他千百度,蓦然回首,那人却在灯火阑珊处。 -王国维《人间词语》

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I have long forgotten how to express myself.


Many a times, I give up way before even trying to express my views/thoughts/randomness.


Right now, I played with my fingers for a good few minutes before anything came into mind.






Man, I give up. This is taking me too long.



1. I am really fine & coping well.

2. I am in a really bad shape that I dont even realise it myself.


Which is it?

I don't know.

The question which I have been posing myself for at least the past 10 years with no answers to it.


Answer leads to question, that leads to another answer, and more questions.


The clown behind the mask? Or the mask behind the clown?

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  • Aug 21 Sat 2010 01:00
  • Void

*stares hard at screen*


*blinks eyes*


*raises eyebrow*




It's like the black hole. Everything gets sucked in, and nothing ever comes out.

Dark, empty, nothing.

Emptiness feels the void, yet everything.









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It's great feeling to bump into a long-time friend whom you have not been in contact with. The kind of friend whom you used to hang out with, but lost contact along the way due to different life path. You probably have each other on facebook, reading their updates every now and then, knowing how they have been.


You can feel the geunine friendship.

Despite minimal contact & updates, we could chat about anything and everything, mostly updates on our current on-goings. There was no need for pretence, no surface talks, no lack of sincerity.

Just 15 minutes was all needed till we part ways.


Great friendship comes in a few forms, IMO.

And this is one of them.


A shoutout to Stanley whom I bumped into last night on my way home. It was great bumping into you at Yishun MRT!


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Selling 我的美丽日记 My Beauty Diary Masks!

Location: Singapore 

SGD $2.50/mask

3 Types of masks for sale:
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Click here for more details on the masks.


mybeautydiaryluxurymasks.jpgPlatinum Colliod Mask.jpgWhite Truffle Whitenening Mask.JPG

White Peony Tea Mask.jpg

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One of the nicest voice..

Arranged by an all-time favorite singer-composer-lyricist..

Lovely tune..


And of course, the lyrics depicting my feelings anytime anywhere, especially NOW!



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My current CRAZE!


I will try my utmost not to turn this into a fangirl-screaming post. Try.


The SHINee lurve-story.

I got to know them through "Ring Ding Dong" while I was still in the Super Junior hype. Thought the dance was interesting to learn, but the song, only so-so. I have to admit that the catchy chorus & tune did stick in my head for awhile. That's the prowess of K-pop songs I guess.


Then came Lucifer. That totally made me defect from the Super Junior camp (along with other reasons).


Kim JongHyun is my favorite SHINee member + Korean artist at the moment. Why?

He is too cute. (Although I dont ♥ his current Lucifer look as much, but he is still my top ♥)

He sings waaaay too good! (Powerful + smexy voice. It is so easy to distinguish his voice, and man, is he good! His renditions of various English songs are simply TOO GOOD!)

Sexshii hot bod! (See Lucifer MV)

He has the bad boy vibe. (The prankster + joker of the group. Lurve it.)

He is sweet even if he doesn't show it! (Watch "Hello, baby!". He does the sweetest things!)



I am feeling kinda lazy already, never been good at writing long posts. (Although it feels long enough already with the Jonghyun para..)

Sides, this love story only budded 2 weeks ago.

There will be more SHINee to come in the near future I guess..


Lucifer MV



Up & Down + Lucifer

Up & Down is yet another song that I lurve from the new album!



(Nuna nomu yeppo) Replay MV



A-Mi-Go MV




My all-time favorite songs covered by Jonghyun!



Onew & Jonghyun - Because of You



JongHyun (Featuring Onew) - So Sick


Jonghyun - Insomnia

FYI: Craig David approached Wheesung to do a Korean version of Insomnia.


Jonghyun & Jessica (SNSD) - Sexy Love



Ultimate plan failed. This is totally a fangirl post already.

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