(another) Track of the week: Eminem - Not afraid


In my world, Eminem is the King of Rap.


So I went nuts when <Curtain call> was release in 2005. The album title showed obvious intentions.

Of course, at the back of my mind I was like "he will probably be back".



Well, it's not like he ever left. He's been around on and off the music sceen. Released an album <Relapse> in 2009, which didn't really appeal as much to me as before.


So why did I say he is back?

Cause his latest single <Not afraid> from his new album <Recovery>, is a total dope. His best work yet.

Love the music, love the lyrics.


I'll let the music do the talkin'.



(Click here for lyrics)


*AN: This video isn't the official MV despite the title. The official MV is still yet to be release. This video was created by the youtube user. Click the video to read the user's words.

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