(Above, is the only orginal content I am keeping for this post. After some thought, I decided to delete my content with regards to 2010 Australia GP. Reason being, most of it are pretty much what everyone else is writing about. So below, are some whopping thoughts fresh new from oven.)


Race hero - Fernando Alonso

Wheel spin caused him a bad start and he has no one to blame but himself. Adding that to a flurry of cars squeezing through that narrow turn 1 gave him the ultimatum - a nudge on his car, and a back-spin. All that just about enough to relegate him all the way from P3 to P22 just after turn 1.


Thumb-sucking feeling, I bet.


Just when all hopes seemed lost, Alonso fought back in the most spectacular way.


Muscling his way through the grid, overtaking one car after another with no regards for his machinery, it was amazing. You could see the fighter in him. It was all or nothing, especially when he already had got nothing to lose.

From P22, back to P4. He recovered 18 positions.

Just when everyone is claiming how he lost 1 position from P3 to P4, in actual fact, he gained 18 instead. Qualifying positions is history once the race commence. Only the great drivers can show how one can recover quickly from a setback, all within a single race. Alonso did just that.

The last few laps while he was defending his position was nerve-wrecking and simply spectacular. Even though his tyres gave away a few times and allowed Hamilton a few sneak attacks, Alonso defended perfectly eventually.


Alonso might have had a bad start with only himself to blame. But what he showed in this race was much more. He proved that overtaking was definitely possible in this highly criticised season. He provided action-packed entertainment. He showed how a world-class driver navigates himself through the race, despite the poorest start. Most of all, he recovered (almost all of) what he lost, which was also something he earned to begin with.


Unlucky chap - Sebastien Vettel

I don't think I need to elaborate on this.


"Lucky chap" - Jenson Button

I didn't want to do this but, I feel critical of those who had been highly critical of Alonso's win in Bahrain.

"Alonso would never win if not for Vettel's problem. A lucky win."


Statements like this ought to be shot.


First of all, there was 10 more laps to go and Alonso was prepared to attack Vettel. How would have anyone been able to know what would have happened? Unless that someone has been to another realm, seen the outcome of that battle, and came back to the 'real world' to let us know that, Vettel wins hands down.


Secondly, Alonso earned that win. He had to be in the second position to take fully of that advantage (from Vettel) and he clearly earned it by qualifying P3, followed by an overtaking move on Massa to P2.


Luck did play a part for his win, but it wasn't purely based on that.


A lucky win will probably mean something like starting from P20, having 10 cars in front of you DNF, add some rain to the formula, plus another 9 drivers lost out time during race and you ended up P1.


If you compare the 2 scenarios, the latter definitely required more luck than the first.


Moreover, cars DO break down in races. That is not just bad luck. It is reliability issues. We shouldn't be talking things like bad luck for Vettel and good luck for Alonso. Red Bull is fast, but obviously has a serious case of reliability issues. It has been shown in previous seasons that some of the fastest cars don't get to see the chequered flags as often. That is not bad luck. That is a problem.


I hate to be critical but this is getting on my nerves. Vettel had the race in his hands before his breakdown. Button would have never won if not for Vettel's problem. So Button's race is a lucky one?


I am just applying the same theory bloggers & writers have used with regards to Bahrain GP and it totally doesn't make sense.


Who are WE to say that any of the winner's race is a lucky one? All of the drivers earned their spot, and for whatever reasons, they had to be (at least) in the position to take full advantage of any circumstances. Not everyone can take it, and for those who were able to take it, might not be able to keep it.


Nevertheless, it was a great call on tyres by Button and it was a well deserved win, just like Alonso's in Bahrain.


Very much looking forward to Malaysia GP!

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