Gonna blog while waiting for this game that I am currently into.




25 more hours.. before I leave home to catch my 6am flight.

Have to wake up at 2am, leave home by 3:30am and I wonder if I will even sleep in the first place.

(Yawning as I speak/write)


Anyhow.. I am kinda excited about this family trip to Macau. Well actually I have mixed feelings about this, but I don't really wanna talk about the negative side of it.

It's been a long time since we went overseas, other than Genting that is. I think the very last trip (that was non-Genting) was 10 years ago to Korea.

As much as I love to soak myself in the company of friend's entertainment, I love being with my family too.


It's a fact that I have this "love-hate" relationship I share with my mum, the "love-annoyed" with my brother and the "love-respect" with my dad.

But all in all, they are my family. Those whom made up the very large part of me.

Without them, there would be no SY. SY would not be the SY today either, something which I am proud of, to be me.


Ahh~ Back to topic before I turn this entry into one that is too 感性. I am saving it for July/August period.


(Crap. I lost track after I went to play my game for awhile.






Let's hope Alonso can score another win! :D


Hmmm. I'm slowly zoning out. I'll stop here.

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