Once, I had a good friend asking me, "I wonder what is in your head".

I think this post gives a little insight to what is in it.




Just like how nothing is impossible, nothing is definite either.


We can never be sure of what's coming, yet words like 'impossible' & 'definitely' have been overused by many.

How can anyone be so sure of what's to come to say, "It is impossible for anyone to...", "There is no way...".

Things might seem unreachable, but hey, who knows right?

Maybe 10, 50 or even 100 years down the road, the 'impossible' might turn into 'possible'. Just ask those who insisted that the Earth was flat.


We only know when it happens.

As long as we are not there, at that specific point to know, we never know what's going to happen!

Thus, before we reach that point, we speculate.

With speculations, there is always a degree of uncertainty.

Throwing that element into the formula, nobody should be saying things for which they cannot guarantee for its happening.


Anything can happen.




Which are you?

The one who says, "It's impossible".


The one who attempts to turn the impossible, possible?




What do you see - A cup of water, half-filled or half-empty?


All I need to do is to add in somemore.




Never be too quick to judge. You don't know when you might be judged upon.

In fact, don't even judge. Humans are mostly too subjective to view things from every perspective.




99% Risk (of danger) VS 1% Chance (of survival) - Which do you see?

I see the chance.




Give or take?

Give AND take. I try not to be too hard on everybody, and that includes myself.




Live on the edge, but not the extreme.




Ok. I ran out of questions for myself. It was pretty fun actually. Hee.

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