That was how I looked like for the past 2 day. It was 2 terrible days, especially Sunday. It started witha  sore throat on Saturday morning. Then it turned into this sneezing marthon from Saturday night onwards. I was sneezing for the whole day on Sunday that I was so worn out by 6pm and I fell asleep. It was the kind where you sneeze consecutively for 1 minute, then after awhile, the routine repeats itself.

I went nuts.


Plus the whole hoo-haa about booking for the Macau trip at home. I was a little annoyed since it took up my whole day. One couldn't be bothered, probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Another was just simply giving orders and blabbling away, as usual. I was sneezing all the time while trying to check for the information. And I was too groggy by the end of it.


Nevertheless, I am looking forward to it. Been a long time since the family travel. =)

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