She is THE textbook.


Unbelivable sensation when I first watched her ice-skate. I was almost at tears. For the simple fact that she is simply amazing - beautiful, graceful & she makes ice-skating comes alive.


As a music lover, music ranks ahead over anything else.

To me, a piece of music acts like a companion & guide to the ice-skaters and their routines. It is like dancing, where most of us (non-pros) dance to the music. But how a pro does it? They dance with the music. A fusion of two exciting entities that combust into this magnificient fireworks, and they bring out the best in each other.

Applying that same logic to ice-skating, only Yu Na Kim can do that.


I can't ice-skate for nuts even though I love watching the sport. But honestly, not many skater stands out as much, unlike Yu Na Kim.


I am no ice-skating pro, once again. But when I watched her spins, I almost cried. How can there exist such gracefulness and near perfection?


No amount of words can describe this lady - World's #1 female ice-skater.


Let the video do the talking.


Yu Na Kim Winter Olympic Record



2009 4CC Yuna Kim SP New World Record 72.24 (figure skating)



Yu-Na Kim - Long Program - 2009 World Figure Skating Championships

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