I managed to survive 36 hours of Sunday + Monday + a little spill over to Tuesday.


Pure madness.


Work on Monday was simply, ineffective. I felt pretty bad about it but there was nothing I could do to improve my concentration, not even after 2 cups of coffee. I just zombied my way past the day.


Went to KTV with Lydia, Hannah, Edmund, Weide, Khoon & Anli. ($10 nett @ Kbox from 7pm-11pm was just dirt cheap!) It was like a singing & dancing galore for me because Kernie & I was show casing our "Gee", "Sorry, Sorry" & "Nobody" dance performance for everyone. I supposed "Gee" would have been crazily funny because of Kernie. Weide was saying how he will be having nightmare after watching Kernie's dance to the song, compared to having sweet dreams of the original version. Everyone laughed their guts out too, when Anli & I sang 《不得不爱》. That was when Anli insisted on singing the girl's part and going crazily off-pitch. Whenever I took over (when he can't continue), I was laughing & singing at the same. At the end of the song, I was just tearing.

The session was pretty cool, with a few hiccups though. We were arguing with the management cause we snuck in food and got caught. Ended up having to even ask for permission to bring our food out to finish it. Pure dumbness. I was being lazy so I just left my Koi cafe milk tea till the end of KTV session. (Which I kind of regretted because I finished the whole cup in 3 minutes and I didn't get to enjoy it. zzz.) Of course I wasn't able to survive the whole 4 hours. I was half-asleep my way through the last 1.5 hours I think, just lying on the sofa.


Coffee really works on me.

The effects of the 2 cups of coffee took effect after I reached home and I wasn't able to sleep only until 5am. Zzz.


And the zombie time-zone continues..

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