The F1 atmosphere is slowly burning up with a mere 57 days away from the first 2010 grand prix in Bahrain.

The first official appearance of Fernando Alonso as a Ferrari driver in the Wrooms' event made it even better for me.


26 cars.

Major drivers re-shuffle.

No pit-stop, only tyre-stops.

4 World Driver Champions on the same grid:

Alonso being Schumacher's old rival.

Hamilton being Alonso's old rival.

Button being Hamilton's 2010 team-mate.


How will the story unfold?

8th WDC for MS?

3rd WDC for FA?

2nd WDC for LH or JB?

Or will there be a 5th WDC?


I personally am hoping that FA will get his 3rd WDC.

But whatever the case is,it doesn't get any better than this.

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