Sadly, I slept through most part of the 1st day of 2010. Nothing was accomplished. Smeh.




"Love is not a Theory, because it cannot be define.

Everyone has their own definition of love which is unique and applicable to one's self only.

Love is not Science, because there is no law that governs it.

We are the reactants, but there is no guarantees or methods to make any reactions work.

Love is not Mathematics, because there is no definite answer & solution.

There is no rights or wrongs, and there is never a correct solution.

Love is not a Language, because it doesn't speak for itself.

You have to feel it."


Author: Yeo Shu Yin (aka Dotdotger)





Onto something that I find it amusing..

I was chatting with a friend whom made me thought of the "me" 1 year ago. Well, more because what he is going through now is sort of the exact replica of what I went through 1 year ago. As he was telling me his story, my processor was 'running multiple programs at the same time' - listening to him from an objective point of view while empathizing his feelings and thoughts, and at the same time, digging through my own memories. It was amusing because I see the "SY from 1 year ago" in my friend.


It was only just that I had this intriguing thought - I am glad that I went throughout that heartache 1 year back.


So that I am able to empathize and listen to those who is going through the same.

Whenever breakups happen, friends play an important part in picking up the pieces. However for most of the time, they play a role of an 'objective outsider'. They are able to understand & sympathize, but not empathze. They will tell you the rights and wrongs, but forgot that there is no rights and wrongs when it comes to love. They will share their objective & logical thoughts with you, but not realising that love is an equation made up of only (and many) variables.

I must admit, we do stupid things. Whether we are in the 暗恋 stage, pursuing stage, in a relationship stage or the breakup stage, we do tonnes of silly things. Things which seems so sweet in the eyes of a pair of lovebirds, but ridiculous to the rest of the world.

Similarly, for someone who goes through a breakup, one is bound to do stupid things, and friends will immediately jump in reprimandin the individual. I am not saying this is wrong, but neither would I say that this is right. Afterall, who can firmly say that, a 'correct' decision today will lead to a positive outcome tomorrow, considering the fact that no one can predict the future?


I went through the process, and I know how sucky it feels when you have a bunch of friends nailing on you for the stupid things you do. One is already feeling emo-fied, yet when your friends throw you huge logical thinkings which you already know, you have to deal with them. It can be really annoying, especially when you are expected to accept those logics. People do understand logics and have their own personal emotions to deal with. But when it comes to the constant battle between logic vs emotions, it is always a tough fight.


Because I went through what I did, it have been much easier for me to empathize with friends who are going through the same. It was a learning process for me, and through this, I am glad that I am able to help a few friends on the same issue. The SY from 3 years ago would have talked/adviced people differently because I could not see it from this point of view.




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