昨日西风凋碧树,独自高楼,望尽天涯路。 衣带渐宽终不悔,为伊消得人憔悴。 众里寻他千百度,蓦然回首,那人却在灯火阑珊处。 -王国维《人间词语》

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"Hello! I am Chilly!"! -2


Chilly says 'HI!' while he was in Macau. Heehee. Cutie pie.!


We are ♥!

We are ♥!



Aahh~ ♥♥♥~


= )

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(Yup, totally ranked from high to low. But being obsessions, even the low ones are pretty whacky.)


1. Music

2. F1

3. Bleach

4. MJ

5. Playing games (Currently into 武林英雄 )

6. Badminton

7. Watching my favorite anime or animation movies for N-times.

8. Booze

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Official website

Ticket Prices:

1 April – 23 April
Grandstand : SGD40
Walkabout : SGD20

24 – 25 April (At the door)
Grandstand : SGD50
Walkabout : SGD30

Tickets can be purchased via SISTIC now!




Wish I could be there..

I would be there if not for Taiwan trip..


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Maybe I should start naming my subconscious/alter-ego/other self. 'She' has been making a few appearance lately. Hmm.


I woke up to the same type of dream today, the one which I had not too long ago - retaliating what I am unable to in reality.

Somehow, I feel slightly better after the dream.

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  • Apr 02 Fri 2010 21:25
  • ..

I want to run away..

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  • Apr 01 Thu 2010 03:59
  • I am..








Recently filled with odd thoughts. I think I will scare my friends off if I do voice out my thoughts. And I've been asking myself this particular weird question lately. I probably know the answer already, but I keep thinking that the question itself is fascinating.




I am a little weird.



soy un poco extraño.

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and I'm lovin' it.


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