Headache and in a slightly bad mood now.

Woke up to a nightmare and I can still remember the details of it.


It was scary.


Scary because the entire dream reflected my true happenings in the real world. Except that, I am dealing with them in the opposite way in my dream. It was as though my subconcious woke up and took over when I was asleep.


In reality, I try to avoid any potential conflict, even if it means that I have to swallow a huge amount of pride, ego and truth. I have no choice but to do it this way because it doesn't only concerns me. There will be an impact on others if anything happens.

I would have chose the other path if no one else was involved. Apparently, that is what exactly my subconcious did.

It feels weird in a way. As much as I am annoyed with the dream, I feel relieve at the same time. Cause I did  & said things that I want to, but will never, in the dream.







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