昨日西风凋碧树,独自高楼,望尽天涯路。 衣带渐宽终不悔,为伊消得人憔悴。 众里寻他千百度,蓦然回首,那人却在灯火阑珊处。 -王国维《人间词语》

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Headache and in a slightly bad mood now.

Woke up to a nightmare and I can still remember the details of it.


It was scary.


Scary because the entire dream reflected my true happenings in the real world. Except that, I am dealing with them in the opposite way in my dream. It was as though my subconcious woke up and took over when I was asleep.


In reality, I try to avoid any potential conflict, even if it means that I have to swallow a huge amount of pride, ego and truth. I have no choice but to do it this way because it doesn't only concerns me. There will be an impact on others if anything happens.

I would have chose the other path if no one else was involved. Apparently, that is what exactly my subconcious did.

It feels weird in a way. As much as I am annoyed with the dream, I feel relieve at the same time. Cause I did  & said things that I want to, but will never, in the dream.







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(Above, is the only orginal content I am keeping for this post. After some thought, I decided to delete my content with regards to 2010 Australia GP. Reason being, most of it are pretty much what everyone else is writing about. So below, are some whopping thoughts fresh new from oven.)


Race hero - Fernando Alonso

Wheel spin caused him a bad start and he has no one to blame but himself. Adding that to a flurry of cars squeezing through that narrow turn 1 gave him the ultimatum - a nudge on his car, and a back-spin. All that just about enough to relegate him all the way from P3 to P22 just after turn 1.


Thumb-sucking feeling, I bet.


Just when all hopes seemed lost, Alonso fought back in the most spectacular way.


Muscling his way through the grid, overtaking one car after another with no regards for his machinery, it was amazing. You could see the fighter in him. It was all or nothing, especially when he already had got nothing to lose.

From P22, back to P4. He recovered 18 positions.

Just when everyone is claiming how he lost 1 position from P3 to P4, in actual fact, he gained 18 instead. Qualifying positions is history once the race commence. Only the great drivers can show how one can recover quickly from a setback, all within a single race. Alonso did just that.

The last few laps while he was defending his position was nerve-wrecking and simply spectacular. Even though his tyres gave away a few times and allowed Hamilton a few sneak attacks, Alonso defended perfectly eventually.


Alonso might have had a bad start with only himself to blame. But what he showed in this race was much more. He proved that overtaking was definitely possible in this highly criticised season. He provided action-packed entertainment. He showed how a world-class driver navigates himself through the race, despite the poorest start. Most of all, he recovered (almost all of) what he lost, which was also something he earned to begin with.


Unlucky chap - Sebastien Vettel

I don't think I need to elaborate on this.


"Lucky chap" - Jenson Button

I didn't want to do this but, I feel critical of those who had been highly critical of Alonso's win in Bahrain.

"Alonso would never win if not for Vettel's problem. A lucky win."


Statements like this ought to be shot.


First of all, there was 10 more laps to go and Alonso was prepared to attack Vettel. How would have anyone been able to know what would have happened? Unless that someone has been to another realm, seen the outcome of that battle, and came back to the 'real world' to let us know that, Vettel wins hands down.


Secondly, Alonso earned that win. He had to be in the second position to take fully of that advantage (from Vettel) and he clearly earned it by qualifying P3, followed by an overtaking move on Massa to P2.


Luck did play a part for his win, but it wasn't purely based on that.


A lucky win will probably mean something like starting from P20, having 10 cars in front of you DNF, add some rain to the formula, plus another 9 drivers lost out time during race and you ended up P1.


If you compare the 2 scenarios, the latter definitely required more luck than the first.


Moreover, cars DO break down in races. That is not just bad luck. It is reliability issues. We shouldn't be talking things like bad luck for Vettel and good luck for Alonso. Red Bull is fast, but obviously has a serious case of reliability issues. It has been shown in previous seasons that some of the fastest cars don't get to see the chequered flags as often. That is not bad luck. That is a problem.


I hate to be critical but this is getting on my nerves. Vettel had the race in his hands before his breakdown. Button would have never won if not for Vettel's problem. So Button's race is a lucky one?


I am just applying the same theory bloggers & writers have used with regards to Bahrain GP and it totally doesn't make sense.


Who are WE to say that any of the winner's race is a lucky one? All of the drivers earned their spot, and for whatever reasons, they had to be (at least) in the position to take full advantage of any circumstances. Not everyone can take it, and for those who were able to take it, might not be able to keep it.


Nevertheless, it was a great call on tyres by Button and it was a well deserved win, just like Alonso's in Bahrain.


Very much looking forward to Malaysia GP!

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Ahhh~ A song which I haven't heard in a while..



I just wanna say hello to you
But you’re not lookin’ my way
Like you trying to act cool
I think I lost my mind
Back there and then
Oh how I let my feelings go

You see, I know it’s just a crush
And a crush won’t ever last long
No one’s forcing it, boy
So you I’ll put aside
Thought friends we would be
Oh, boy…

*Sadly you took my smile away
Every time you look my way
It fades away
I think it’s best it stays this way
Every time you look my way
Yeah, it fades away

You just wanna say hello to me
Now the table’s turned
I’m not lookin’ your way

Don’t get it wrong
Oh, it’s twisted up
Alright let’s make this story short

You see, I know it’s just a crush
And a crush won’t ever last long
No one’s forcing it, boy
So you I’ll put aside
Thought friends we would be
Oh, boy…

Repeat *

Why did it have to go down this way?
I’ll admit I feel you when you are near
Maybe baby we got it all wrong

Repeat * x2

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Sneaking in while I am uploading the last batch of Macau photos in Facebook. Can't ignore the nagging thoughts of blogging.


Finally. Isshin appears.


This is the predicted storyline that many of us had 3 years ago (or was it 4?) while I was in the Bleach forum. Bleach has been in its lowest form for the past few weeks that even one of its biggest fans - me - was beginning to get bored.


But I just had to wait for it.


It's typical that a long streak of mundane chapters is just an installment to a bigger revelation. A few months back (I can't remember whom I was talking to), I was saying that I am just waiting for all the Shinigamis to die, Ichigo will lose after fighting Aizen, and Isshin (along with the daddy gang - Ryuuken, Urahara & Yoruichi) will save the day.

I am proud of myself for being one of its biggest fan. :D


Isshin a royalty, or more?


That is the theory that stuck ever since the big revelation of Isshin & the royalties. These 2 ideas somehow gelled together. The more Isshin looks like a blokus, the more mysterious he is.

Unless KT (Kubo Tite) decides to introduce a new element, I feel that Isshin & family are likely to be royalties. There is another idea of Isshin being an ex-captain, but I decided to go with the royalty idea cause it will be a bigger oomph since Urahara has stealed the ex-captain plot already.


Well, looking forward to next chapter!

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I am back! (Came back on Friday afternoon so this post is like a super belated & procrastinated post. XD)


There's too many things to blog about for this week! Macau, Bleach, F1. But the procratination bug is lurking around so.. I will probably leave everything for tomorrow.. or later.. whenever I am in the mood. hee.



Macau trip was ok.

Bleach is like "OMFG. FINALLY!"

And waiting for the arrival of Sunday (12 hours time in fact) - Australia GP - with some of my best buds coming to my house!

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Gonna blog while waiting for this game that I am currently into.




25 more hours.. before I leave home to catch my 6am flight.

Have to wake up at 2am, leave home by 3:30am and I wonder if I will even sleep in the first place.

(Yawning as I speak/write)


Anyhow.. I am kinda excited about this family trip to Macau. Well actually I have mixed feelings about this, but I don't really wanna talk about the negative side of it.

It's been a long time since we went overseas, other than Genting that is. I think the very last trip (that was non-Genting) was 10 years ago to Korea.

As much as I love to soak myself in the company of friend's entertainment, I love being with my family too.


It's a fact that I have this "love-hate" relationship I share with my mum, the "love-annoyed" with my brother and the "love-respect" with my dad.

But all in all, they are my family. Those whom made up the very large part of me.

Without them, there would be no SY. SY would not be the SY today either, something which I am proud of, to be me.


Ahh~ Back to topic before I turn this entry into one that is too 感性. I am saving it for July/August period.


(Crap. I lost track after I went to play my game for awhile.






Let's hope Alonso can score another win! :D


Hmmm. I'm slowly zoning out. I'll stop here.

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  • Mar 19 Fri 2010 15:23
  • 99%

Once, I had a good friend asking me, "I wonder what is in your head".

I think this post gives a little insight to what is in it.




Just like how nothing is impossible, nothing is definite either.


We can never be sure of what's coming, yet words like 'impossible' & 'definitely' have been overused by many.

How can anyone be so sure of what's to come to say, "It is impossible for anyone to...", "There is no way...".

Things might seem unreachable, but hey, who knows right?

Maybe 10, 50 or even 100 years down the road, the 'impossible' might turn into 'possible'. Just ask those who insisted that the Earth was flat.


We only know when it happens.

As long as we are not there, at that specific point to know, we never know what's going to happen!

Thus, before we reach that point, we speculate.

With speculations, there is always a degree of uncertainty.

Throwing that element into the formula, nobody should be saying things for which they cannot guarantee for its happening.


Anything can happen.




Which are you?

The one who says, "It's impossible".


The one who attempts to turn the impossible, possible?




What do you see - A cup of water, half-filled or half-empty?


All I need to do is to add in somemore.




Never be too quick to judge. You don't know when you might be judged upon.

In fact, don't even judge. Humans are mostly too subjective to view things from every perspective.




99% Risk (of danger) VS 1% Chance (of survival) - Which do you see?

I see the chance.




Give or take?

Give AND take. I try not to be too hard on everybody, and that includes myself.




Live on the edge, but not the extreme.




Ok. I ran out of questions for myself. It was pretty fun actually. Hee.

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Argh. I have been procrastinating this post.

Tried to write last night. Made another (feeble) attempt this afternoon. And now I am going to just give a short summary.




What can I say?


The weekend that I had been looking forward to the most has just ended and it has been one heck of a ride - anticipated & well satisfied!




2010 萧敬腾 洛克先生Mr. Rock 新加坡演唱会

14.03.2010 (Saturday)

两小时又四十五分钟的 Rock out 演唱会,high 到最高点。

Definitely one of the best live singers.


Started the concert with a very high 《王子的新衣》, followed by a medley of mix songs by others.

He showcased his talent in drums & piano too. Loved his drumming.

After showing a 'behind the scene' video footage of different possible ways to introduce himself, we ended up with this - a standup board of him lit up on stage, and he attemped to talk to us for 2 minutes (there was a countdown timer at the screen of 2 minutes). It was really amusing to be staring at the board while listening to him (not sure if it was a live voice over or pre-recorded).

Then, it was a series of cute dancing to 《看我72变》,《爱的抱抱》 & 《Nobody》. He isn't exactly the dancing type so he looked pretty dorky (in a cute way) when he danced. Hee.

An unofficial 'breaktime' came when he introduced Lee Wei Song & an upcoming newbie (whome I forgot his name already). The newbie had - to me - an irritating 鼻音 and I couldn't be bothered. Not very interesting.

The whole show ended in a high note of 《L-O-V-E》 & 《收藏》.


My thoughts:

I went to the concert with a bad flu & mild sore throat. Yet I ended up singing to every single song throughout the whole concert. Mind you, he sang a whole list of songs (plus he does't talk much either :D). Was just thankful that I did not end up with a bad sore throat the next day.

It was awesome rocking concert. I just wished the special guest be 方大同 - it would have been perfect.



LQ photos taken at the concert itself cause I was using my handphone - SE Aino (no anti-shake).


A purplish night (FYI: Jam's fans are represented by purple)



See the timer at the back of the stage and the stand-up board version of him?



The Stand-up board



Click here for more photos. (Only photos of the merchandise we bought since I forgot to bring my Camera to the concert.)



F1 2010 - 1st race - Bahrain

15.03.2010 (Sunday)


Ferrari 1-2 win! [WCC - 43 points - Current leader]

P1 Fernando Alonso [WDC - 25 points - Current leader]

P2 Felipe Massa [WDC - 18 points]


So Vettel took pole position at qualifyings, followed by Massa at P2 and Alonso at P3.

Honestly, I think Alonso could have done better but was just unlucky with a 'not the best' kind of lap. But that's F1.

Red bull is fastest over one lap. No doubt.


After the concert, I was busy catching up with the qualifying news and researching.

Before I went to bed, my conclusion was the same as since the start of the winter testing -

Red Bull will be one of the fastest, but will come with reliability issues.

Alonso would (and eventually did) win the race.


The Red Bull conclusion came from some evidence in 2009, mostly during winter testing and even at Bahrain practice sessions. Along with many, I knew that Red Bull was in top 4, and very fast. Yet somehow, the car felt fragile and I tend to worry for it, wondering whether it might break down anytime, for whatever reason. This was the feeling I had gotten since the start of the winter testing.


The Alonso conclusion, I must admit, is bias. Being a Alonso fan, of course, I would want him to win.

But this conclusion came with an optimistic observation - he was on this odd lucky streak ever since start of winter testing.

For a day or two when it was his turn to be in helm of the F10, where weather forecasts indicated a wet day, it would end up with a day of sunshine through the rain. This was compared to team-mate Massa, who had less of such luck.


Before the race, my dad was telling me how Vettel seemed to be set to win the race. Immediately, I threw it back at him, offering my thoughts of Red Bull's reliability and it would probably break down halfway. Of course, I have been gleeing all day about how Alonso would win the race, despite starting from P3.


The rest is history.


My thoughts:

Unbelivable. This is the best way Alonso could have started this season with his new relationship with Ferrari, and the best way Ferrari could have started this season - making a comeback with a Ferrari 1-2.

Next stop - Australia.

Hopefully Ferrari will re-display its dominance.


I have read many speculations, thoughts, comments on a few topics which I wished I had the time to address. Some thoughts I have on the current affairs of F1 and some comments made by others (internet users) which I felt was unjustified for.

But this is the internet and people have their rights for their own thoughts, be it right or wrong. So it is kind of pointless for me to prove my point.

I will probably leave my thoughts on the current affairs of F1 to my next weekly F1 post.




Great weekend.

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  • Mar 12 Fri 2010 00:31
  • Pony

Can I wish upon a star for a cute pony to come rescue me..?

*Clamps hands*


Ahh~ I think it is the post-effect of too much idol drama and idol chasing.






Saw this super cute looking pony (with a weird looking hello kitty sitting on it) at PS yesterday and it has been on my mind since. Am so tempted to buy it and add it to my cuteness collection.




Went KTV with Kolay along with a special guest appearance - Chilly - and this was what happened!

(Click here!)

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  • 這是一篇加密文章,請輸入密碼
  • 密碼提示:Dotdot: Get the password from me
  • 請輸入密碼:

I am always interested in the articles of David Coulthard, in a good way. As an ex-F1 driver, he is always capable of providing insights to the on-goings of the current state of F1. Most of the times, they usually made sense. Unlike some, who simple accuses, states the obvious & they act like they were from the school of theatrics rather than someone whom was one hell of a racer.

Alright. Enough of rants.

What David Coulthard mentioned in the following article seems like something that has been ignored by the FIA. It is one thing to inject new blood into the sport, but another, if it doesn't help the sport.

I do pity the new teams in some way. Even though 2010 is going to be their debut year, they will not only be overshadowed by their car performance, but also by the classic drivers-teams line-up. No matter how 2010 will turn out to be, it definitely go down into the history as one of the classic years.

Dotdotger is a newbie F1 fan whom has been following the sport for only 1.5years till date. For any mistakes, she would appreciate constructive criticism and enlightenment.



David Coulthard: new teams on Formula One grid are a cause for concern

I am going to end up sounding like a bit of a Scrooge here, but before we all start waxing lyrical about the impending blockbuster of a season (and, believe me, I have not felt this excited about a championship since I made my debut for Williams in 1994), I want to address something that worries me greatly: the standard, or lack thereof, of the new teams on the grid for 2010.

By David Coulthard
Published: 7:30AM GMT 09 Mar 2010

New teams on Formula One grid are a cause for concern
New kids on the grid: rookie F1 drivers Karun Chandhok (left) and Bruno Senna will be under huge pressure, says David Coulthard

I have heard a lot in recent months about how great it is to have 'fresh blood' in the sport. And I noted with interest the criticism levelled at Ferrari for the scathing editorial published on their website last month, when they belittled the "small teams" entering F1.


Well, I have to admit, I have some sympathy with Ferrari's point of view.


Formula One is not a finishing school. Either you come prepared, or prepare to fail. This is the pinnacle of world motorsport. It's no use them bleating about the fact that the goalposts moved after they joined under a £40 million budget cap. The Formula One Teams' Association never signed up to that cap.


Fresh blood is all well and good but I would argue that the carry-on we have seen over the past few months has been a poor advertisement for F1. First it was going to be four new teams, then Bernie Ecclestone admitted he thought only two of them would make it. Then USF1 collapsed and died, along with the reputations of Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor, who cried wolf so many times.


Finally we are left with three new outfits – Virgin Racing, Lotus and Hispania Racing – although the last of these launched only last week following a last-minute change of ownership and has never turned a wheel in testing.


Has the world gone mad? F1 is a dangerous sport at the best of times but asking teams to just turn up at practice on a Friday before a race is plain irresponsible.


For a team who have been up and running for years it is difficult enough to pass the stringent FIA crash tests while accumulating adequate miles to prove the integrity of parts which are not required to be tested; for instance suspension parts, which as a reminder to all keep the wheels attached to the car.


Even if the new teams negotiate Bahrain without a hitch – and I hope they do – they will be miles off the pace. Again, I feel this degrades the sport and is unfair on the drivers in question. Just ask Perry McCarthy, who failed to qualify for a single grand prix in 11 attempts for Andrea Moda in 1992, how much fun it is scrabbling around at the back of a grid.


Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok, the drivers for Hispania Racing, are both talented young men under huge pressure. I just hope it doesn't all descend into McCarthy-esque farce.


My advice to them? Drive as quickly as possible at all times during practice. One of the most dangerous things you can do in F1 is to go slowly on the racing line.


That aside, the season promises to be a classic. I certainly can't remember one that looks so competitive. Of the drivers at the four big teams – Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes and Red Bull – only Nico Rosberg has never won a race, and I think he is well capable of breaking his duck this year.


My views on my old foe, Michael Schumacher, are clear. He will be fit as a flea and capable of challenging for honours if Mercedes give him the car. But it won't be easy for him. The likes of Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel are young and fearless. And let's not forget Jenson Button, whose confidence is sky-high right now.


In fact, you would have to be mad to pick a winner at this juncture, it is that open.


David Coulthard is writing on behalf of Red Bull Racing, for whom he acts as a consultant.


Original Author: David Coulthard

Article Source: Here

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5 days to Jam Xiao's Singapore concert

6 days to F1 2010 @ Bahrain

15 days to Macau trip

59 days to DOOMSDAY

90+ days to (potentially) Taiwan trip




Finally settled my family's Macau trip! Travelling on 23rd-26th March.

Before that, this week is gonna be an exciting week!


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Great that I am still in this positive mood (duh, for obvious reasons). Hee.

This week begins the period when I wont be returning to work! Taking a breather off work and concentrate full fledge on studies! (or at least I hope)






12 days to Jam Xiao's Singapore concert

13 days to F1 2010 @ Bahrain

18+ days to Macau trip (Macau trip is back!)

66 days to DOOMSDAY

90+ days to (potentially) Taiwan trip




Yesterday marked the end of 2010 F1 winter testing and the (soon-to-be) start of F1 2010!

F1 afficionados would have already know the followings as at 01.03.2010:

  • 4 top favorite team for 2010 WCC - Ferrari, Red Bull, Mclaren, Mercedes
  • 8 top favorite drivers for 2010 WDC - Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel, Schumacher, Massa, Button, Webber, Rosberg
  • Dark horse for 2010 WCC - Sauber
  • 11 teams were present for the last week of winter testing (Previous 10 teams in 2009 + Lotus)
  • Campos Meta & US F1 were missing throughout the testing period. Will they make it to Bahrain? It seems like Campos might be able to drag themselves to the grid but nobody know what's going on with US F1
  • Stefan GP is eyeing that (seemingly) vacant spot of US F1.
  • 4 WDC on grid (I know this is like stating the obvious, but I couldn't resist it)
  • SCHUMACHER! (Nuff said)
  • Nick heidfeld & Giancarlo Fisichella is the reserve driver for Mercedes GP & Ferrari respectively. (A little disappointed but I guess it happens..)
  • Re-fueling ban - A new ball game! (And safer for the drivers. What happened to Kimi last year was too darn scary)
  • No more KERS!
  • Modified qualifying system - Q1: Eliminate 8 cars, Q2: Eliminate another 8 cars, Q3: Top 10 cars run in low-fuel configuration
  • Top 10 qualifiers for the race must start the race with the same tyres used to qualify with
  • No more wheel covers
  • Narrower front tyres
  • New point system! 25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1
  • Only 11 sets of tyres over one race weekend (down from 14 in 2009)

[Compiled by dotdotger @]


Summary compiled only for F1 newbies & my friends. Not like I am an oldie & pro, but I just felt like doing it. =D


Not gonna speculate since everyone else is pretty much saying the same thing.

I'll just state my wish:

Bahrain 2010 Winner - Fernando Alonso

Bahrain 2010 Runner-Up - Felipe Massa

Bahrain 2010 2nd Runner-Up - Mark Webber

Bahrain 2010 Constructor Winner - Ferrari


Well, it's obvious who I am supporting. =D

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  • Mar 01 Mon 2010 12:23
  • X_X

That was how I looked like for the past 2 day. It was 2 terrible days, especially Sunday. It started witha  sore throat on Saturday morning. Then it turned into this sneezing marthon from Saturday night onwards. I was sneezing for the whole day on Sunday that I was so worn out by 6pm and I fell asleep. It was the kind where you sneeze consecutively for 1 minute, then after awhile, the routine repeats itself.

I went nuts.


Plus the whole hoo-haa about booking for the Macau trip at home. I was a little annoyed since it took up my whole day. One couldn't be bothered, probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Another was just simply giving orders and blabbling away, as usual. I was sneezing all the time while trying to check for the information. And I was too groggy by the end of it.


Nevertheless, I am looking forward to it. Been a long time since the family travel. =)

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She is THE textbook.


Unbelivable sensation when I first watched her ice-skate. I was almost at tears. For the simple fact that she is simply amazing - beautiful, graceful & she makes ice-skating comes alive.


As a music lover, music ranks ahead over anything else.

To me, a piece of music acts like a companion & guide to the ice-skaters and their routines. It is like dancing, where most of us (non-pros) dance to the music. But how a pro does it? They dance with the music. A fusion of two exciting entities that combust into this magnificient fireworks, and they bring out the best in each other.

Applying that same logic to ice-skating, only Yu Na Kim can do that.


I can't ice-skate for nuts even though I love watching the sport. But honestly, not many skater stands out as much, unlike Yu Na Kim.


I am no ice-skating pro, once again. But when I watched her spins, I almost cried. How can there exist such gracefulness and near perfection?


No amount of words can describe this lady - World's #1 female ice-skater.


Let the video do the talking.


Yu Na Kim Winter Olympic Record



2009 4CC Yuna Kim SP New World Record 72.24 (figure skating)



Yu-Na Kim - Long Program - 2009 World Figure Skating Championships

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