昨日西风凋碧树,独自高楼,望尽天涯路。 衣带渐宽终不悔,为伊消得人憔悴。 众里寻他千百度,蓦然回首,那人却在灯火阑珊处。 -王国维《人间词语》

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Shit. I took a break to rest my brain and now it has gone into hibernating mode. Argh.


Drat my recent sleeping habits.


Sleeping at 9am and waking up at 7pm isn't a good idea at all. Now I am almost zone out.

2 more hrs to go......




Mmm. I am very tempted to cut my hair short again. I think I look better in short hair.


Should I..?

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  • Feb 22 Mon 2010 04:08
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I don't know what got into me but this sudden adrenaline of positivity came gushing down on me today. I was this sunshiny and cheery girl today. Maybe because I saw grandma. Maybe it's the post-effect from watching <Glee>. I don't know.


Anyhow, I hope this goes on. I like this feeling. The + side of me. Feels great doesn't it?




It will be the last week of my tenure as a part-timer at Simbiosis. I wonder if I will be going back after my exams end in May. We'll see.


I'll miss working. Of course, the moolah too.




19 days to Jam Xiao's Singapore concert

20 days to F1 2010 @ Bahrain

<No more Macau trip>

73 days to DOOMSDAY

80+ days to (potentially) Taiwan trip




I am really excited about F1. Like REALLY. We are into the 4th & final week of the winter testing and soon enough, 14.03.2010 Bahrain will come. So far the winter testing has been feeding my thirst for a little bit, thank goodness.


I don't exactly speak the car-language and I am no guru at the specifications of the cars. Just a fangirl following my favorite sport, driver & team, who knows teeny weeny bits of things here and there.


So far the hint is that the big 4 are up there - Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, Mclaren. But who knows right? It's eally exciting how the refueling ban sort of added a layer of mystery to the (potential) 2010 pecking order. Speculations are fun, but I am kind of lazy for that with all the exams and stuff. So I will just be a good fangirl and wait till THE DAY arrives. = )

A side note. Having read most of the F1 articles & blogs, I have come to realise how bullshit some author can be. Well, I guess that is part of human nature and it happens everywhere. Can't help but ranting a little about it though. Hee.


Back to the fangirl thing. I am a hopeless case of the double (and triple) F combo.


Fernando Alonso is my leading driver and Ferrari is my leading team.

I was torn apart previously, in terms of support. But now, it is all great! (Last year, I thought I might have to wait for another year. Thank goodness. =D) Anways, the F10 (Ferrari's 2010 challenger) has been pretty quiet for the past 2 tests in Jerez depite hogging the limelight for week 1 testing at Valencia. But somehow, I am having a good feeling about it. (Just as Fernando, Felipe & Ferrari are feeling) Look at their long runs in the dry. Even though we have no idea how much fuel they are carrying, their lap times have been really consistent. The F10 seems pretty reliable too, with all the long runs and plentiful laps they did throughout the 3 weeks. Only 1 red flag (or was it 2?), which they knew the cause and was of a minor issue.

Let's not forget the major update Ferrari will be bringing for this week's test.

Alonso looked really happy. I was beginning to get used to seeing the not-so-much-smiles of him after 2 frustrating (maybe 2.5) seasons and then WALA! So far, the photos of him in red are beginning to look really happy and he is happy. (Alonso: Ferrari best car I've ever had) He would have played down any chances of optimism if the car isn't behaving well, but clearly he is happy.


Ok. Enough of speculating. (Didn't I say I wasn't going to..? Ops.) I wish there was someone I knew whom I can talk F1 with. hee. Oh wells..


20 days to go!


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Judging by the looks of it, 我应该没什么理由埋怨












它终究是一个theory that lacks ecological validity.
















Life, 究竟会变成什么?

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25 days to Jam Xiao's Singapore concert

26 days to F1 2010 @ Bahrain

30+ days to (potentially) Macau trip

79 days to DOOMSDAY

85+ days to (potentially) Taiwan trip


A good mix of heaven & hell feeling. Hee.

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2010 萧敬腾 洛克先生Mr. Rock 新加坡演唱会

Date: 13.03.2010 (Sat)

Time: 8pm

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Ticket price (exclude $3 booking fee): S$148, S$128, S$98, S$68





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Feel so sad watching the incomplete Super Junior performances nowadays. Only 9 to 10 members present in recent performances & concerts.

Have been avoiding Super Juinor's news & performances lately.

Feels so incomplete to watch them, especially with Han Geng's absence.


The more sad when I watched the 9 SuJus (minus HeeChul, Hangeng, Kangin & KiBum) performed the Korean version of "Super Girl".

Super Girl belonged to SJM, yet Han Geng, being SJM's leader, isn't there to perform together.




I am acting like a total upset fan girl now.

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I managed to survive 36 hours of Sunday + Monday + a little spill over to Tuesday.


Pure madness.


Work on Monday was simply, ineffective. I felt pretty bad about it but there was nothing I could do to improve my concentration, not even after 2 cups of coffee. I just zombied my way past the day.


Went to KTV with Lydia, Hannah, Edmund, Weide, Khoon & Anli. ($10 nett @ Kbox from 7pm-11pm was just dirt cheap!) It was like a singing & dancing galore for me because Kernie & I was show casing our "Gee", "Sorry, Sorry" & "Nobody" dance performance for everyone. I supposed "Gee" would have been crazily funny because of Kernie. Weide was saying how he will be having nightmare after watching Kernie's dance to the song, compared to having sweet dreams of the original version. Everyone laughed their guts out too, when Anli & I sang 《不得不爱》. That was when Anli insisted on singing the girl's part and going crazily off-pitch. Whenever I took over (when he can't continue), I was laughing & singing at the same. At the end of the song, I was just tearing.

The session was pretty cool, with a few hiccups though. We were arguing with the management cause we snuck in food and got caught. Ended up having to even ask for permission to bring our food out to finish it. Pure dumbness. I was being lazy so I just left my Koi cafe milk tea till the end of KTV session. (Which I kind of regretted because I finished the whole cup in 3 minutes and I didn't get to enjoy it. zzz.) Of course I wasn't able to survive the whole 4 hours. I was half-asleep my way through the last 1.5 hours I think, just lying on the sofa.


Coffee really works on me.

The effects of the 2 cups of coffee took effect after I reached home and I wasn't able to sleep only until 5am. Zzz.


And the zombie time-zone continues..

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Hello February.. :)


Time is passing by too quickly. Just 1 month ago we were welcoming 2010, and now we are already into the 2nd month of the year. I guess its true that they say, "once you hit 20-ish, time flies".




40 more days to Bahrain Friday practice! While today marks the first day of winter testing. At least some action before the real deal starts. :D


As I countdown to the start of F1 2010, I am at the same time, counting down to my doomsday. Kinda like a mixed feeling as I countdown each day.



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